As an Arts-Health for Wellbeing specialist organisation we work for the community, to encourage members of our community of all ages, backgrounds and abilities; to gain confidence, reduce social isolation and to challenge social barriers through innovation and integration.

In early August 2019 we launched Creative Futures. Creative Futures is a brand new modern day facility in a location steeped in culture and history at Spinners Mill and part of our new Arts Centre.

Creative Futures is for adults who have disabilities, neurodiverse conditions, or mental health conditions to support them to grow to potenitally move on from supported social care and be an independant active part of their local community.

All learners and members will have the opportunity to gain art qualifications up to Level 3, functional skills, independent living skills, social skills, friendship skills, arts award, photography work experience, printmaking, cultural heritage, animations and more. All journeys are personalised for each learner/member.