umbrella_arts_3What do we do?

As an Arts-Health for Wellbeing specialist organisation, Umbrella Arts encourages members of our community of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to engage in art events or activities; to gain confidence, reduce social isolation and to challenge social barriers through innovation and integration. All learners and members under the ages of 25 will have the opportunity to gain art qualifications up to Level 3 with the nationally recognised Arts Award Programme. All art journeys are personalised for each member.
As well as Arts for wellbeing, Umbrella Arts provide community outreach and youth group and school programmes, arts for leisure skill workshops and weekend family ‘paint a pot’ fun.

What is Arts-Health and Wellbeing? And why is it important?

There is a growing understanding around the benefits of active engagement in participatory arts and how they have a positive effect on health and wellbeing. By complementing medicine and care, the arts are particularly known to improve the overall wellbeing of those who experience difficulties with social isolation and support needs. Engaging in the arts promotes and builds wellbeing and positive relationship building. By providing art workshops in community and art settings rather than clinical settings, provides plentiful life opportunities to give people a different outlook for change. Adults gain confidence and self esteem from participating in our courses.