Meet the Team.

Wendy Boyers

Qualified FE Lecturer and Art-Health Facilitator. Experience includes 13 years community arts and arts for wellbeing facilitating, Arts Award Advisor, 19 years as a Retail Training Manager and Training Coordinator and 2 years as an Accounts Manager for a Design Agency. Wendy is also an Abstract Artist and is part of Cross Street Art organisation, based in Standish, Wigan. Being diagnosed with ADHD herself, she is a strong advocate for people living with a disability inparticular ADHD and/or Autism. She is also non executive Director of Healthwatch Wigan and Leigh.

Mum to two teenagers and carer to her eldest who has Cerebral Palsy, ADHD, Autism, and Epilepsy. Lover of all things arty and crisp butties.

“Engaging in the arts promotes wellbeing and positive mental health. Being creative is an important part of everyday life, you just need to find your way of expressing it” Wendy Boyers.


Betheny Brimble

Betheny is a full time mother to four children and works with Umbrella Arts from home, on a voluntary basis to direct our fundraising, community events and social media.
She has a plethora of experience with children and adults with additional needs, including her own daughter. She has a degree in Children, Young people and services, a degree in English Literature, plus qualifications in Safeguarding and SEN.

Lover of literature and will often be known to blurt out random lines from her favourite Shakespeare plays!


“It isn’t everyday you’re able to dress up and become a real life zombie. I relish being able to plan large scale community fundraising events such as Scarefest, bringing to life things people would only be able to dream of.” Betheny Brimble