Scarefest: Extreme Zombieland Sunday 25th October – 6:30pm



You’ll need to watch your back as the zombies are around every turn.

Are you brave enough?

Join us for our Scarefest: Extreme Zombieland from 6-8pm Sunday 25th October 2020

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Join us for our Community and Volunteer led Spooky Walk @ Lancashire Mining Museum at Astley Green Pit organised by Umbrella Arts and supported by Lancashire Mining Museum at Astley Green Pit. Cant’ make this date? Please look at our other dates venues at Astley Green Pit.

This is a timed ticketed event. Please do not come more than 10 minutes before your time slot and please remain in your car until your exact time slot. If you are walking or using public transport please wait as directed to be placed into a containment pod (all part of the fun)

What to do on the day….!

‘Scarefest: Extreme Zombieland’ is aimed at families with children and young people 8+. There are scary parts to the walk and jump scares (actors who will jump out at you at a safe distance). You are allowed to bring younger children if you think they’ll be ok. You know whether your child would be upset or not. It is your parental judgement. No refunds will be given. YOU MAY GET WET …. probably will!

There is a large car park at the pit.

This event is a yearly sell out. However due to the current pandemic we are being extremely strict on the amount of people in the venue at one time. Umbrella Arts Volunteers at the gate will direct you throughout your visit. Look out for the people in hi-viz jackets.
By purchasing a ticket you are agreeing to our Participant Consent Waiver.

It will take approximately 10-15 minutes to go through ‘Scarefest: Extreme Zombieland’ but it will be well worth the wait

Due to restrictions there will be less tickets available to allow time between entry times. Groups will be a maximum of 6 (Children and adult), under no circumstances will more than 6 be allowed to enter the scarefest walk together, unless in a larger family group or support bubble. If you need to purchase extra tickets due to this please email ❤️😱😂🎃👻👽

’Extreme Zombieland’ will be open at promptly 6pm. Sunset is at 17:53 and will be completely dark from around 18:30. A torch is handy to have whilst walking around the event and the outside areas.

Do you have a visitor in your party who has sensory needs, a wheelchair user, has disabilities who finds it difficult to queue?
The walk through the scarefest is mainly accessible however there are parts of the walk that are inaccessible due to stairs or mud. Please email us to discuss our alternative options.
If you have any further questions please email

Once you have entered the gates. . Please follow our volunteer directions. Last ticket entry is at 8pm prompt. NO ONE will be allowed in after this time.

All profits from this event will go to support the running costs of ‘Not for Profit’ Umbrella Arts.

Every single person helping out at the Scarefest is a volunteer. We have over 80 volunteers for this event and no one is getting paid to be there. Please be respectful and kind to them. We could not do this without them. 😊❤️

Anti social behaviour will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave the event and not return, whether you have paid or not.

👻🎃👻🎃👻🎃👻🎃👻🎃👻 🎃👻🎃👻🎃 👻🎃👻🎃👻🎃


Here at Umbrella Arts we have worked extremely hard to ensure this event can take place whilst protecting our volunteers and the public. It is therefore that we are asking all adults to wear a mask whilst in the containment pod and whist booking in, we also encourage adults and children 11+ to wear masks during the walk however, as it is outside, you may remove it upon entering the first curtain. Our volunteers WILL maintain a safe distance and we ask that you do the same. DO NOT come if you have any of the published Covid symptoms

– Anosmia – any change in taste or smell
– A persistent cough
– A temperature of 37.9 or above

Hand sanitizer will be provided at the booking table.

Scarefest: Extreme Zombieland Rules

In order to keep everyone safe and to ensure our event is fully Covid secure we have produced rules for our visitors to follow. By purchasing a ticket you are consenting to the rules below. Umbrella Arts would like to thank you for supporting us and hope you have a terrifying time!

Please arrive on time for your time slot. If you are more than 5 minutes early please wait in your car, if you are walking or using public transport please wait at the gates, one of our volunteers will direct you from there.

Please ensure you are within the containment pod, which will have been sprayed with a cleaning agent, at your time slot. With your family or support bubble.

We will not be allowing two families who are not within a support bubble to go through together. This will be putting our event and our volunteers at risk. We do not want to have to turn people away so please be respectful of this rule, it is not our rule it is currently the law.

The Scarefest is aimed for adults and families with children 8 years and over. Children younger than 8 years are allowed on the walk at parental discretion. All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
Scarefest is not fully assessable for wheelchair users, pushchairs, mobility scooters or electric wheelchairs. Scarefest is accessible to half of the route at a reduced price of £2.00.
Do not enter the Scarefest if you have a heart condition, recent surgery, neck or back problems or other existing medical problems that could be seriously affected by being scared.

Do not enter if you are pregnant. Do not smoke or use e-cigs on the Scarefest. Do not use naked flames. Do not eat or drink on the Scarefest. Food and hot drinks stalls are available before the Walk for whilst queuing and after the Scarefest. No alcohol to consumed at Astley Green Pit.

Astley Green Pit is an ex industrial site that is ‘work in progress’. The path does have bumps and is not smooth. Please take care and use a torch around the Scarefest taking care not shine it directly into the eyes of our scarers and other members of the public.

The Scarefest is one way. Stay on the path and keep walking forward in single file. Do not run at any time.

Please be extra careful on the staircase and walk in single file. Do not stop at any time, the next group is following behind you.

Our volunteer scarers will NOT touch you. Do NOT touch them. The Scarefest will make you scared at some points, but if you get VERY scared and upset, tell a volunteer scarer and keep walking forwards out of the Scarefest to the exit gazebo.

We have the right to refuse any entry into the Scarefest and Astley Green Pit or exit Visitors from the site is they do not comply to the Scarefest rules.