Scarefest – Saturday 30th October 2021 @ Astley Green Pit – 8:15pm


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Subject to Covid rules/ Full refunds provided in the event of cancellation.

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Join us for our Community Scarefest on 29th October 8:15pm

This scarefest is one like no other, come and take a ride on our very first ghost train!! This train will lead you through the deep dark woods where ghouls, ghosts and creatures can and will be found! And maybe… just maybe there’ll be some extra surprises in store!


This community Scarefest is aimed at brave families, children and young people, with live actors and props along the way. There are lots of scary parts to the event and jump scares where scarers will jump out. Are you brave enough?

We also have a ‘trick or treat’ street small event on site in which children can partake whilst waiting for your turn!

It will take approximately 15 minutes to go through the whole Scarefest event. All scaring is geared towards ages 8+. At no time are scarers allowed to touch, chase or grab visitors at any time.

Groups of 25 will go board (unless covid intervenes!) in regular intervals. If you want to board the train in Scarefest with friends, please book at the same time.

Please remember to bring a torch or charge your phone! We do have lights around but it will be dark in some areas onsite and in the Scarefest.

Tickets on sale now!!
Limited spaces available so don’t miss out. Tickets are expected to sell out fast! Prices are £7 a ticket for all ages. Ticket confirmation on the day is digital through PayPal and can be checked via your mobile phone. Alternatively you can print it but we’d rather you saved the trees. We will have a full list of names and times so dont panic if you cant find your ticket!

All profits from Scarefest are split between Umbrella Arts and Lancashire Mining Museum.

For Umbrella Arts it will pay for materials for our weekly Reaching for Wellbeing group, Leigh and to support the running costs of Umbrella Arts.

For Lancashire Mining Museum it will be used for the restoration and ongoing costs of the development of the site and Head gear. The train at the Mining Musuem is a brand new addition and of course comes with its own running costs. £3 from every single ticket go towards these running costs.


By buying a ticket you and your party will have consented to the terms and conditions of this scarefest event. No one is allowed into the Scarefest without signing the consent. Click here for full terms and conditions.

This event is going to busy. Our Volunteers at the gate will direct you to the queue/ticket gazebo near the main gate. Make sure you allow yourself time. Please arrive no more than 10 minutes before your time slot, if you do you’ll have to wait!

Once you pass the ticket gazebo you will enter the Holding Pen. This allows us to have a constant flow of visitors to the event.

Sunset is at 5:43pm and will be dark from around 6:13pm.

If you have someone in your group with sensory needs or disabilities and would like it to be light to visit Scarefest, then please book tickets between 5:45-6pm. After this it will dark or going dark. Please make yourself known to one of our volunteers if we can make your experience more comfortable, or contact us prior to the event if you have any adjustments or support needs that we can help you with.

Wheelchair access to Lancashire Mining Museum @Astley Green Pit is work in progress. This is being developed along with the full restoration of the site and museum.
As Astley Green Pit was previously a real industrial site, the ground is not a smooth experience. The ground around the car park and and tea rooms is wheelchair and motorised scooter accessible, but the ground is bumpy.

The trick or treat street is also accessible. 62

With this in mind, only the train portion of the event is available for wheelchairs/pushchairs. You will however get an extra trip back on the train!

To book accessible tickets please email us directly for a reduced rate at £5 a ticket,

As the site is ex industrial and still work in progress, please be mindful what footwear you wear. Please we suggest strong sturdy boots, Wellington boots, or shoes at Scarefest. Your feet may WILL get muddy. Do not wear footwear with heels.

Scarefest is aimed for ages 8+. Children younger than 8 years can come on the walk, if you their parents think they will be ok. It is your parental judgement and decision to make. You know your child best and whether they would be upset or not. We’ve previously had 5 year olds who love it and 13 year olds who hate it. No refunds given once in the Scarefest.
Children and young people under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. No exceptions will be made.

Hot drinks and cakes will be on sale. Please support them either before or afterwards as profits will go directly to Astley Green Pit.
No food or drinks are allowed whilst in Scarefest.

Free public toilets, including an accessible toilet are available next to the pop up cafe.

Please walk to the Pit where possible. Parking is extremely restricted onsite and on street outside of the pit.

Please enter by the main Astley Green Pit Gates off Higher Green Lane ONLY. All tickets are staggered to help ease parking congestion.

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your time slot. Please follow the volunteers with hi viz vests when parking. Please park where they direct you.

If you are driving and park outside of the pit, PLEASE take care where you park. Do not block driveways and block roads by double parking. Emergency vehicle access is required at all times. Please respectful to the neighbours of Astley Green Pit.


For any groups over 20 people please contact Umbrella Arts for a discounted rate.

Every single person helping out at Scarefest is a volunteer. We have over 60 volunteers for this event and no one is getting paid to be there. Please be respectful and kind to them. We could not do this without them. 😊❤️

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Address: Lancashire Mining Museum, Astley Green Pit, Higher Green Lane, Astley Green, M29 7JB

For information about Lancashire Mining Museum please click on this link.


All tickets are subject Covid rules/changes. In the event of cancellation by Umbrella Arts full refunds will be provided.

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